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myze Back to School

myze Back to School

Make sure your eyes have the supplies they need to be protected from screens and blue light emissions with the myze Back to School routine

with this routine you will receive a 1 month supply:

    • 1 bottle of iVIZIA™ Preservative Free Dry Eye Drops which contains 5ml (approximately 150 drops)

    • 1 bottle of eyetamins blue blocker® gummies which contains 60 gummies

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How It Works

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Our Back to School Routine Includes

iVIZIA™ Dry Eye Drops

• Preservative free and scientifically formulated to relieve dryness and strain from dry eyes

• Highly effective, long lasting & gentle to the eye

• Safe for use with contact lenses

• Povidone provides lubrication, while enhancers like sodium hyaluronate and trehalose work together to last up to 4X longer.

• Contains moisturizing Hyaluronic acid and revitalizing trehalose

• Consistently dispenses drop by drop (does not stream)

• Unique formula made with hydrating polymers that form a protective matrix over your eyes

• Conatins 10ml (approximately 300 doses)

• Always read the label and instructions for use

eyetamins blue blocker® gummies

  • With 3 super nutrients that support retinal health, blue blocker® gummies filter blue light, help eye strain and promote better sleep in a digital world

  • GMP certified and non-GMO

  • Use as part of your daily eye care routine

  • Always read the label and instructions for use