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ZocuFoam™ Eyelid Cleanser and Moisturizer

ZocuFoam™ Eyelid Cleanser and Moisturizer

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CLEANSE: ZocuFoam™ is an ophthalmologist developed eyelid scrub featuring Zokrex, an advanced okra-based formula with natural botanicals and an activated polysaccharide complex to deeply cleanse eyelid margins, allowing your eyes to feel clean, refreshed, and moisturized

• A gentle but powerful eyelid cleanser leaves dry eyes feeling refreshed and energized
• Natural Okra-based approach for dry eye
• Non burning pH balanced to tears
• Contains no tea tree oil or hypochlorous acid
• ZocuFoam™ targets the inflammation which is the root problem that causes itchy, irritated, dry eyes
• Cleansing foam removes Demodex, which can clog glands and cause irritation, allowing the eyes to feel refreshed
Use as part of your daily eye care routine
• Always read the label and instructions for use

How It Works

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How to use

1. Wash hands prior to using ZocuFoam™ cleanser.

2. Place one pump of ZocuFoam™ onto fingertips. Split ZocuFoam™ onto fingertips of other hand so that both hands now have foam on them.

3. Gently close eyelids and use the fingertips to lightly scrub ZocuFoam™ along the eyelash line for 10-15 seconds. Avoid direct eye contact.

4. Rinse with water. Use ZocuFoam™ in the morning and/or night.

How it works

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