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OPTASE® Dry Eye Spray

OPTASE® Dry Eye Spray

Provides the comfort of drops and the convenience of a spray for those who struggle with dry eye drops. OPTASE® Dry Eye Spray provides dry eye relief, moisturization, and eye lubrication in an easy to apply, convenient spray

•  OPTASE® Comfort Eye Spray is the only product of its kind to provide a preservative free combination of natural ingredients designed to manage dry eye symptoms for improved comfort and relief
• The innovative two-pump bottle system delivers on the go convenience in a multi-dose bottle, sterility over 3 months, and 300 doses per bottle
• Contains Glycerin and natural ingredients to soothe dry eyes and moisturize eyelids
• Offers an alternative solution to applying eye drops
• Safe for use with contact lenses
• Use as part of your daily eye care routine
• Always read the label and instructions for use

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How It Works

The OPTASE® Comfort Eye Spray relieves symptoms of contact lens discomfort and Dry Eye Disease.

The ingredients in the product help to stabilize and strengthen the oily layer in our eye’s tear film, which can help reduce evaporation of tears and improve hydration and lubrication of the surface of the eye.

The oily layer of the tear film protects the tears from evaporation and prevents tears from running over the lid margin

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How it Works

When sprayed upon closed eyes, the ingredients contained in OPTASE® Comfort Eye Spray mix with oils produced by the glands in our eyelids at the lid margin.

Upon opening the eye, this enhanced mix of oils spread onto the tear film. The ingredients contained in OPTASE® Comfort Eye Spray provide moisturise to the eye area.

Great for kids & those with dexterity issues.

How To Use The Comfort Dry Eye Spray

1. Press down the dispenser two thirds of the way.

2. Hold the spray 6-10 inches from the eyes then press down the dispenser all the way. The spray spreads from the surface of the closed eye to the eyelid margins.

3. As you blink your eyes it will spread over the tear film where it strengthens the lipid layer providing extra lubrication.


Active Ingredients: Glycerin – 1 % (Eye Lubricant)

Inactive Ingredients: Sea buckthorn seed oil, sodium hyaluronate, trometamol-citrate