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myze SurgiCare™ Routine

myze SurgiCare™ Routine

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With the myze SurgiCare™ Routine, you will receive expert-recommended products that will optimize your ocular surface during the preoperative and postoperative period

How It Works

This easy-to-use kit is designed to help you get ready for surgery. Use all the contents as directed by your doctor. With everything you need in one place, getting ready for surgery is easy.

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Our SurgiCare™ Routine Includes

TearRestore HylaWipe™ Tea Tree Eyelid Wipes

The TearRestore HylaWipe™ offers eyelid cleansing and skin care all in one! The HylaWipe™ has hyaluronic acid and natural plant extracts to calm the skin around your eyes while utilizing a gentle concentration of tea tree oil to effectively cleanse the eyelids without irritation. The result of this easy-to-use wipe is clean, comfortable, and hydrated eyelids

• Preservative free & designed for sensitive skin
• No rinsing necessary
• Formulated with an advanced formula of premium skin care ingredients and natural plant extracts, including hyaluronic acid, green tea extract, aloe, and chamomile
• Remove contact lenses prior to use
• Each package comes with 30 individually wrapped pre-moistened towelettes
• Use as part of your daily eye care routine• Always read the label and instructions for use

OPTASE® Protect Eyelid Cleansing Spray

Protect your lids and lashes with this preservative free antibacterial spray

• pH balanced for comfort on sensitive skin
• Leave on formula for convenience
• Suitable for frequent daily use
• Use as part of your daily eye care routine
• Always read the label and instructions for use
• The natural, preservative free protection of 99.6% pure hypochlorous acid is safe for children and adults, providing effective dry eye symptom relief for all ages

iVIZIA™ Preservative Free Dry Eye Drops

• Preservative free and scientifically formulated to relieve dryness and strain from dry eyes

• Highly effective, long lasting & gentle to the eye

• Safe for use with contact lenses

• Povidone provides lubrication, while enhancers like sodium hyaluronate and trehalose work together to last up to 4X longer.

• Contains moisturizing Hyaluronic acid and revitalizing trehalose

• Consistently dispenses drop by drop (does not stream)

• Unique formula made with hydrating polymers that form a protective matrix over your eyes

• Contains 5ml (approximately 180 doses)

• Always read the label and instructions for use

Bruder Moist Heat Eye Compress

Pamper your eyes and relieve your symptoms of dry eye as well as Blepharitis & Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) with this microwaveable moist heat eye compress

• The easy-to-use compress delivers an effective moist heat treatment
• Simply microwave for 20-25 seconds and apply for 8-10 minutes
• Anti-bacterial, non-allergenic and self-hydrating – no need to add water
• Adjustable strap
• Reusable and washable
• Use as part of your daily eye care routine
• Always read the label and instructions for use