MYZE launches for engaging 1 million dry eye patients

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  New York, September 26, 2022



MYZE launches for engaging 1 million dry eye patients by 2025:  How Do Your Eyes Feel?


Leading U.S. eye care experts advance cutting-edge eye health focused digital platform designed to make eye care part of everyone’s daily selfcare routine.


MYZE is THE next generation eye care engagement platform that helps identify, treat, and manage dry eyes throughout a patient’s dry eye journey. MYZE simplifies the burden of dry eye identification and management by enabling “always available” screenings followed by frictionless access to products, services, and education.  No more product overload and decision paralysis at retail locations.  MYZE makes treating dry eye easy, affordable, and sustainable for patients and their providers.


Currently, at least 16 million people in the United States have been diagnosed with dry eye disease of whom only 10% are being treated.  And, as many as 75 million+ more may be suffering from dry eye disease or digital eye strain but have not yet been diagnosed.  Dry eye is a chronic, often progressive disease that manifests early on with patient complaints of tired, red, itchy, or gritty eyes.  As the disease progresses, blurred vision and potentially loss of vision can occur if not treated and managed properly.  It is the #1 reason why patients see eye doctors.   


Future MYZE customers will be met through partner physicians, social media, search, and other digital media channels and engaged through a very simple, yet provocative question—"How Do Your Eyes Feel?”  Users engaging with the platform will find immediate and long-term relief for their symptoms and discomfort and will do so through the MYZE suite of customized products and services.


“As physicians, we are seeing and hearing from more dry eye patients than ever before.  There’s a huge unmet need in the market right now for better patient-focused support and management tools.  What’s more, there’s a tsunami of dry eye coming among the millennials and work from homers who are spending more and more of their time on computer and other screens. It’s exciting to see the launch of MYZE, as earlier intervention and management will help ensure better outcomes and quality of life for those suffering with dry eye.”  Dr. Cynthia Matossian, President of American College of Eye Surgeons, and Chair of the MYZE Medical Advisory Board.


“Through a combination of digital and human interventions, MYZE will deliver magical moments and memorable experiences for our customers so they can achieve the best possible outcomes for their dry eyes and other ocular surface issues,” says Scott Tannenbaum, Founder of MYZE.  This will be achieved through a data driven dry eye screening solution that provides access to personalized, affordable, and sustainable treatment options, disease state education, and ongoing tracking and engagement, as well as access to the country’s most influential eye care professionals.  Marketing technology and machine learning will also power timely reminders, daily inspiration, and ongoing support.


“After spending most days and nights staring at my laptop and phone, my eyes typically feel worn out by the end of the day.  After engaging with the MYZE platform, I came to clearly understand why they hurt and how I can treat them.  The process was easy and simple and the MYZE recommended product selections were perfect for my situation!”  Lexi, 35-year-old computer programmer.


How do your eyes feel?






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