Dr. Jennifer Tsai, Board Certified Optometrist, Entrepreneur and Health and Wellness Influencer joins Medical Advisory Board of MYZE

Dr. Jennifer Tsai, Board Certified Optometrist, Entrepreneur and Health and Wellness Influencer joins Medical Advisory Board of MYZE

Dr. Jennifer Tsai, an expert in dry eye disease and digital eye strain, is joining the world-class Medical Advisory Board of MYZE. In fact, Dr. Tsai has designed her cutting edge practice LINE OF SIGHT to meet the ongoing needs of the numerous dry eye patients she sees on a daily basis. Dr. Tsai is also making a huge impact on social media as one of the most influential health and wellness content creators @drjenandjuice. In her role as Advisor, Dr. Tsai will work closely with Scott Tannenbaum, MYZE Founder, and the rest of the MYZE team in the ongoing design and development of the MYZE platform. MYZE will be the only digitally native direct-to-consumer platform focused on elevating the awareness and education of Eye Health.

“We plan on transforming the Eye Health patient experience by helping make eye care part of everyone’s daily self care routine,” says Scott Tannenbaum, Founder of MYZE. “Dr. Tsai is a rockstar when it comes to delivering an unsurpassed clinical and customer experience in her practice. Our team is going to benefit enormously from her expertise and deep understanding of what today’s dry eye patients need and want.”

Currently, 16 million people in the US have been diagnosed with dry eye disease of whom only an astonishing 10% are being treated. As many as 65 million or more Americans may be suffering from dry eye disease and/or digital eye strain but have not yet been diagnosed. Dry eye disease is best characterized as a chronic, often progressive disease, which manifests early on as eyes described as feeling tired, red, itchy, or gritty. As the disease progresses, blurred vision and potentially loss of vision can occur if not treated and managed properly. While dry eyes remain the leading reason patients visit their eye care practitioners, access to eye care professionals remains constrained, dry eye screening and education are lacking, and effective treatment requires a complementary process to facilitate ongoing monitoring, engagement, and compliance.

“Reimagining how daily eye care is delivered and managed in today’s environment of being device and computer dependent is a critically important unmet need. I am excited to be joining an extraordinary team focused on creating and delivering the best possible content, products, and overall patient experience,” says Dr. Tsai. “I am delighted to be working with Scott and his incredible team to help bring the MYZE vision to fruition.”

For more information, please contact the team at info@helpmyze.com

About MYZE

MYZE is focused on elevating the awareness of and engagement in Eye Health. Our mission is to redefine the Eye Health patient experience. MYZE intends to make eye care part of everyone’s daily self care routines. Starting with dry eye identification, MYZE will provide customized daily eye care routines purposefully curated by the MYZE Medical Advisory Board that will be delivered directly to subscribers monthly. The difference-maker for MYZE is enabling an ongoing, data driven support and engagement resource to complement the efforts of providers and empower patients as they navigate the chronic nature of their dry eye journey.

About Dr. Tsai

Dr. Jennifer Tsai is a board-certified Optometrist, practice owner, healthcare speaker, medical advisor, and content creator. She is the founder of LINE OF SIGHT, a modern concierge practice with an integrative holistic wellness approach to eyecare. She is seen as a leader in the wellness space and regularly advises healthcare companies. She also contributes regularly as an eyecare expert for TV and media publications. She is passionate about eyecare and wellness, and shares her expertise as a content creator on @drjenandjuice social media platforms Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube. She completed her undergraduate studies at University of Virginia and was awarded her Doctorate of Optometry degree from Salus University.

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