Building Healthy Habits — Part 1

How to create and maintain healthy habits for your eyes and for yourself

Why is it important to create healthy habits?

  1. Happier Moods. For example, finding the time to exercise and eat healthy can stimulate the production of endorphins, a chemical that helps relieve stress, improves your sense of well being, and leaves you feeling happier. Additionally, habits such as joining a club or making social connections can help your body keep serotonin levels balanced. Serotonin is known as the “feel good” chemical, and when balanced it can lead to positive moods, feeling more focused, and a sense of calm.
  2. Energy Boost. Habits such as consistent exercise can improve your energy by increasing your endurance and promoting better nights of sleep. Endurance helps with the flow of oxygen to your body, making it more efficient so you have increased energy for other daily activities. A good night of sleep is known to boost productivity and memory. When you’re well rested your brain is sharper, more alert, and ready to take on the day’s tasks. Think about those nights before a big exam or presentation. Option one is the all nighter, perhaps allowing you more time to review. On the other hand, option two, getting a good night of sleep can actually improve your performance and allow your brain time to digest the information.
  3. Creates Accountability. Yes, building habits will make you happier, give you more energy, and lead to living a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps though, most importantly, building habits give you accountability. When you hold yourself accountable for a set of goals, you establish a sense of accomplishment. One goal begets another. Suddenly holding yourself accountable to your initial goal accumulates to building more habits. Those healthy habits lead to new healthy habits resulting in the positive outcome of accomplishing more of your goals.


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